January 9, 2015


1.) We came home from our holiday travels this week and I was pretty excited about it. I was ready to get things going with our move. As always we enjoyed every minute spent with family and I always enjoy time in Joplin, as it's much quieter.

2.) My first day back and I got a cold. During our time gone I worked really hard not to get sick and the minute I get back and bang. It was a little overwhelming because I knew we had so much to do. Thank goodness, I'm finally feeling better.

3.) I cleared out my office this week. We planned on using our office for packing, purging, and determining what was going to fit in the trailer. It's pretty crazy in there.

4.) With our return home so began a huge amount of purging. We're not taking that much with us when we go so there is a lot to go through.

5.) We created a command center for our move. I always forget all the things that need to be done through when moving and this is the first time we're moving and getting rid of nearly everything. Phew! I'll be sharing much more of a moving update on Monday. Cheers!


Casual style is my jam.
Jump start your new year. 
How cute are these two
Healthy snacks, yes please.
The most amazing granola bars.

How was your week, friends?

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