January 20, 2015


Our travel week as began. We hit the road yesterday with our packed trailer and we're on our way to the east coast. Before our road trip began I made sure to pack lots and lots of snacks. If you're anything like me, when it comes to traveling you probably need lots of snacks. Whether I'm in a car, a train, or a plane snacks are a must. Even if I ate before I left, the minute I'm traveling the hunger sets in. I've come to find that there are certain snacks that work better then other snacks. And it's those healthy snacks that keep me going and keep me feeling good.

1.) ALMONDS : High in protein and good for you, almonds are a great travel snack. They are a dry food so you can throw them in your bag and you can take them everywhere.

2.) FRUIT SNACKS / DRIED FRUIT : I secretly only wanted to put fruit snacks here because they are my favorite. But, dried fruit is actually better for you so I included both.

3.) CARROTS : Crunching and refreshing. Carrots are great and easy to travel with. Another great item that can go in your bag and easy to snack on.

4.) PROTEIN BARS : Tyler and I both love protein bars. Tyler love Clif bars and they are high in protein and are pretty hefty in the snack department. One of my favorite protein bars is power crunch bars because they are high in protein and have a lower amount a sugar.

5.) DARK CHOCOLATE : For reals, chocolate is a must. Plus, I love to eat dark chocolate and almonds together. Win, win. 

Do you snack often while you travel? What are  you favorite travel snacks? xo. Samantha

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