December 23, 2014


I really love traditions that start spontaneously. One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating for Christmas on my birthday and I love how that tradition started. So many sweet memories come with the beginning of traditions. I will always remember our first year decorating for Christmas and how it started such a sweet tradition.

Other traditions have started and they are each so sweet. The most recent tradition that we have started is to buy a new Christmas ornament every year. I remember when we picked out last years. It happened spontaneously while we were out shopping. I stumbled on a a little bird ornament and I knew we had to have it. I kept calling it my Narnia bird and it has been our Narnia bird ever since. This year we picked out a Disney ornament during one of our trips to Disneyland and it is one of my favorite ornaments. I love how each ornament carries a sweet memory.
Do you have Christmas traditions that you love participating in every year? What sweet memories come with your favorite traditions? xo. Samantha

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