December 19, 2014

5 THINGS : VOL. 34

1.) Tyler and I went to breakfast at Woody's with some clients. It's weird to call them clients, but I'm not sure what to call them. Tyler did some freelance work for them and we met for breakfast and it was so delicious.

2.) We ventured to Seal Beach for the first time. It was so nice! It's nice going to the beach in December because it's not to busy. We walked down the pier and saw one of the boats come in to pick up some crew men. Too fun! 

3.) One of my favorite things ever is a good burger and watching movies. I have lots of favorite things, but I love when Tyler and I pick up burgers from In-N-Out, pick up some Redbox movies and spend some time relaxing.

4.) So fun fact, sometimes I randomly have stomach problems, mostly just the not feeling super great and there usually isn't any real reason for it. Well, I recently tried some Ginger Beer and it totally made me feel better. It's like Root Beer, but Ginger and it's so good.

5.) I whipped up lots of Christmas treats this week. Including one of my Christmas staples, rolo pretzels. They are my favorite thing to make to give to friends around the holidays.


Man Style.
Christmas dinner Mexican Style.
Comfy cozy.
Clothes with stories
These boots.
Preparing for 2015.

P.S. I'm leaving on a jet plane today! Tyler and I are headed to the Midwest for Christmas and I can't wait! There is lots of good stuff planned on the blog,  so stick around.

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