November 6, 2014


Do you want to know a secret? We took these photos on one of the days I was feeling sick and the only face I felt like I could make was my happy, I'm so excited face. You do what you got to do, am I right? Tyler is always so helpful during these shoots because he's always so encouraging.

Friends, today I get to introduce you to Golden Linings. Are you excited!? I hope so! Golden Linings has so many lovely jewelry pieces and their simple, modern, and delicate. I have come to find that I really enjoy pieces that are on the more simple side. I've never tried to wear big statement pieces, one reason is because I've never been drawn to such pieces and I always really enjoy pieces that I can't tell I'm wearing. Those are my favorite. And the Impressionist Circle necklace that I'm wearing is all those things; simple, modern, and I can barely tell I'm wearing it. It's also one of those pieces you can wear with everything, which I love. I can put it on and it instantly completes my look. I've been wearing it so often lately, you can see it here and here.

SHIRT: Old Navy // JEANS: Express  // NECKLACE: c/o Golden Linings
Friends, Golden Linings is offering one of you lovelies a chance to win an Impressionist Circle necklace just like the one I'm wearing! Super exciting, right!


Happy Thursday friends! Don't forget to spend lots of time perusing Golden Linings! I promise, you'll find lots of things you like! xo. Samantha

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