November 19, 2014


I lose track of me when I don't unplug. I feel pushed along, chasing after someone else, because I think they are doing it better. I check this, I check that and I feel rushed and put through the ringer. The lies of inadequacy creep in, the thought that I'm not good enough, that I should be doing it better and faster plague my thoughts and cripple who I am. When I stay plugged in I forget what I have to offer because for some reason I feel as though I have to offer what every one else is offering. The things that make me me fade away as I chase after what the world tells me I should be.

Step back, re-evaluate, unplug. I don't have to do it like her or him or them. That which makes me me, the dreams in my  heart, the journey I am on all are my own. I unplug and I refocus on Jesus. I let His promises define and shape me. I let his voice untangle me from the lies that the world shouts at me. I am me again, the burden is gone and I can breath again. My mind is clear and thoughts flow freely again.
Step back, re-evaluate, unplug. You are I are beautifully unique, made for a specific purpose. Don't let the world take that away. All the special unique things about us, Jesus uses to help others. If we don't unplug and stay focused on Jesus we lose who we are. xo. Samantha

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