November 25, 2014


One evening a while ago I laid on the floor crying. I felt so beaten down, things were hard and I felt crushed. Sometimes fear creeps in and doubt takes over. And in that doubt I start running in circles, circles of fear and what ifs.

As I laid there crying I felt Jesus reminding me of something. He reminded me that I'm super rad, that He loves me unconditionally (to the moon and back!) and that He has faith in me. Faith in me? I always forget that He has faith in me and every time I remember that it brings me to tears. Jesus has faith that I'll stick it out, that I'll keep clinging to Him and the dreams he has put in my heart.
I felt beaten and I felt like a fool, but Jesus whispered so sweetly, "but you're super rad." When I start running in circles Jesus brings me back and I start running towards Him. xo. Samantha

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