October 7, 2014


TriStyle & Co., She is Clothing, Chucks, Casual Style, tee and skirt
Big news today, friends, huge! Welcome to the newest Elah Tree series, TriStyle & Co. I'm over the moon about this series because it encompasses some amazingly beautiful people and an amazing community. We want to wrap everyone up in this, we want to share this with you, come along with us, won't you?  

TriStyle & Co is a collaboration between Elizabeth of Oak + Oats, Megs of Rivers & Roads, and me (Samantha of Elah Tree) our goal is to encourage, awaken, and celebrate the inherent beauty in each one of us as we live in community. Community is a beautiful buzz word and we LOVE the idea of it but even more than loving the idea, we love bringing it! TriStyle & Co is just that, a place for community and belonging. 
As females I am almost 100% positive that most of you like shopping, and I'm also guessing that if you're shopping you are shopping with some of your favorite people. The shopping part is great; getting to pick out your favorite items, right? But spending time with your favorite people is what really swells your heart. Taking that time to chat, share your hearts and build community. That's what we're doing here. We're taking this shopping experience and turning it into a community experience. 

A community of confidence, grace, and style! No one wears the same shirt the same and that is okay, in fact - it is beautiful! We want to encourage your differences, quirks, sizes, styles, smiles, and serious faces. Let's go shopping together, let's find our favorite items and share the different ways we wear it and style it! 

For the month of October we are styling this She Is Strong original shirt from She Is Clothing. See how each one of us style it and then show us how you style it! From now until October 10th you can use the code: TRISTYLE for $5 off the purchase of your own She Is Strong shirt (or any other one that you fancy) Once you get your shirt in the mail show us how you style it on your blog, instagram, or twitter! Make sure to use the hashtag #TriStyleCo so that we can see your wonderful creations. The last Tuesday of every month (October 28th) we will be sharing our favorite posts, tweets, and instagrams with everyone!
TriStyle & Co., She is Clothing, Chucks, Casual Style, tee and skirt
TriStyle & Co., She is Clothing, Chucks, Casual Style, tee and skirt
Let's chat about She Is Clothing for a minute. I really love how this clothing company has encompassed a beautiful message; Elle Est Forte, She is Strong. We are women; strong, beautiful, and purposeful in Christ. And sometimes I need that reminder. Sometimes I forget the God made me perfectly for His will. He made me strong and beautiful.


I had to much fun styling this top. It goes with so many things and I tried it on with tons of items in my closet. There were clothes all over my bed, that is a good thing, because that means there are lots of options.  I landed on pairing this top with a high waisted plaid skirt and chucks. It hasn't yet cooled down in SoCal so this outfit is perfect for our still warmer temps. I kept wanting to skip around during our entire shoot. Happy dance! I loved how comfortable this outfit was too, it was perfect for running around on Saturdays.
TriStyle & Co., She is Clothing, Chucks, Casual Style, tee and skirt
MEG: I went with the cozy autumn look. Cute and cozy is my go-to style, and this is my favorite type of outfit for cool autumn days. In Tennessee, we are all about the layers since our afternoons can sometimes get warmer, but our mornings and evenings are quite cool in the fall. I bought this buffalo plaid shirt from GAP (in the men's department) because the women's shirt was a thin, stiffer cotton, and I really wanted a heavy, thick flannel. I paired it with my favorite skinny jeans from GAP and my comfy Minnetonka Moccs. I'd totally wear this out to run errands, grab coffee with friend or go for a stroll around downtown!

BETH: I went with the boyfriend jeans & ankle boots look. I am super into ankle boots these days because I think they are lovey and classy. I also was afraid of them until this fall so I think that adds in my excitement! I bought these lovely wedges from Toms (which has a wonderful mission statement that I am proud to support) and paired them with these old American Eagle boyfriend jeans. I am a huge fan of pairing a fitted graphic tee with looser bottoms. This is the perfect Colorado fall combination because it is cooling down but it is not cold - after these pictures were taken, we ran errands, went to the zoo, eat out, and worked on some home projects. A fun and easy outfit for normal weekend events.
TriStyle & Co., She is Clothing, Chucks, Casual Style, tee and skirt
TriStyle & Co., She is Clothing, Chucks, Casual Style, tee and skirt
TriStyle & Co., She is Clothing, Chucks, Casual Style, tee and skirt
SHIRT: She is Clothing // SKIRT: Gifted  // SHOES: Chucks
TriStyle & Co., She is Clothing, Chucks, Casual Style, tee and skirt
Are you ready?! We would love to have you! Join the TRISTYLE & CO Community! Use the coupon above, get to shopping and don't forget to #TriStyleCo !  

HAVE AN IDEA FOR WHAT ITEM WE SHOULD STYLE NEXT MONTH? Tweet us using the hashtag #TriStyleCo and follow us on twitter too - @oakandoats @megmcilvaine @Elahtree  

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  1. I love She is clothing! This is such a fun idea. Cute skirt and I love how you styles it!


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