October 28, 2014


I have something to tell you. Are you ready? Meg, Elizabeth, and I have been working, planning and dreaming up all sorts of ways to encourage, love, celebrate and promote an inspired community. A community that can grow, evolve, and take shape with all of you taking part. We want the TriStyle & Co. community to wrap you up and encourage you along your journey and we're taking steps to make it happen. We want to create a springboard to build that community and we're doing that through the TriStyle & Co. Community group.

1.) MAKE NEW FRIENDS & NETWORK : TriStyle & Co is a place to build community. A place to meet new friends, connect with old ones and find ways to encourage one another on this journey together.

2.) LEARN & GROW : We want to encourage life long learning and provide a place where we can learn from one another. We each have skills that we can share with one another that are unique. And through  our shared experiences we can learn and build each other up.

3.) FIND HELP & SUPPORT : TriStyle & Co. is a springboard to encourage and a part of that encouragement is providing an opportunity where people can ask questions and find support in different areas their struggling in. We want to support you and help you find solutions to problems you may encounter. 

4.) SHARE & CONTRIBUTE : There is no better place to share and contribute then TriStyle & Co. We want to be your cheerleaders, we want to encourage your content, and we want to know what's going on with you. Share with us your most recent work so we can check out how stellar it is! You can even share your #TriStyleCo style!

5.) DISCOUNTS & GIVEAWAYS : TriStyle & Co. is your one stop shop for sponsorship discounts, shop discounts, blog giveaways, and discounts to the most recent item styled by TriStyle & Co. You don't' want to miss out!
Are you ready to come along with us? Join the TriStyle & Co. community and be a part of building a community that's more;  a community of belonging, a community of hope, a community shaped by our unique differences and bound by a common love. xo. Samantha

P.S. did you participate in this month's style challenge? If so, share you She Is Clothing style and #TriStyleCo !!

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