October 2, 2014


First, you should know that dark chocolate is my jam! Did you know that dark chocolate speeds up your metabolism? That's right. I probably eat a small piece of dark chocolate everyday. Anyways, it's October! This year has been flying by, can you believe it? So, last month I decided to do my goals a little different. I wanted to pray specifically for certain things last month, which I believe Jesus used to teach me some great things.


1.) Tyler's Career: I am always praying for Tyler's career and I feel like last month Jesus used my prayer time to give me peace and contentment about his timing for our goals and dreams.

2.) Community Building Projects: I have some of the greatest friends and because of them I have been able to work on some of these community projects! Get excited! Meg, Beth, and I are working on something super fun!

3.) Purge: Slowly, yet surely. We have been slowing purging more things and it makes my  heart so happy.
I'm really excited about October! Are you? Plus, next month is my birthday! Counting down the days to birthday month. Things have continued to slow down for Tyler and I and we have been spending lots of time in prayer and Jesus has been teaching us so much in the waiting. I really wanted to spend some time in October reflecting and preparing for this upcoming season. I can't wait!


1.) Write down future goals and dreams for Elah Tree: This space is continuing to grow and I am continuing to learn and try new things. I wan tot be able to outline where I want things to go for 2015 and outline what I hope to accomplish.

2.) Finalize giveaway rules page: I've been working on a detailed giveaway rules page and it's almost finished, here's to hoping I finish it up this month.

3.) Collaborate with Meg on button design: I'm so excited for this Fall because there are lots of collaboration projects taking place and Meg and I are working on a button for one of them! Yahoo!

4.) Outline plan for holiday Newsletter: The holidays are coming and it's time to start planning. I can't wait to see how this newsletter comes together.

5.) Create Fall bucket list for Tyler and I: Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine Tyler and I doing lots of Fall related activities because it's stays pretty warm here and we live in the city. This year I'm going to try really hard to think of Fall related things that we can do together.

6.) Complete one more video session in Skillshare: I started my skillshare class last month and have only watched one video. Ah! I knew it would take me a while to make my way through it.
I still can't believe this year is almost over. Are you ready for October? What are you goals for this month?

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