October 17, 2014


5 Ways to make waiting easier, trust in Jesus
This season has been a season of waiting, a season that has been teaching us contentment. Friends, contentment in the waiting is tough. It's especially tough when you believe whole heartily that Jesus has something for you. When He has given you peace that something is coming and all you can do is wait.

I believe that Jesus has used this summer to mold us and work on our hearts. I felt as if he sent me through the ringer this summer and through that prepared me for whatever he has for us next. Earlier this summer I decided to look for work. I felt like it was a good time to return and I started praying about it and looking for what positions might be good for me. Close to the end of the summer I sat writing in my prayer journal. I was a little confused and wasn't sure what step I should take next. In that moment I felt Jesus speak to my heart, "wait, I have something for you."  This wasn't the answer I thought I would get, but it put me in a place that wrapped me up in Jesus. A place where I would need to find contentment in His timing.
5 Ways to make waiting easier, trust in Jesus
This journey of contentment in the waiting has been hard. I keep wondering how long, how long will it be. What is it that you have for us?  There are days where doubt creeps in and lies flood my mind. "You fool, why are you waiting? Nothing, will come from this."  Those days I feel like I'm fighting a battle, those days I cling to Jesus. The whole world could think I'm foolish, but my trust in Jesus is greater. The whole world could think that waiting on the impossible is worthless, but my trust in Jesus is greater. I've had plenty of people look at me with criticism in their eyes. They think we're silly, they think we shouldn't take those risks. It's those risks that keeps us dependent on Jesus. It's those risks that Jesus wants from us.
5 Ways to make waiting easier, trust in Jesus
5 WAYS Making CONTENTMENT IN THE WAITING a little more easy

1.) PRAY : Pray all the time and every day. When the waiting feels like it's to much, give it to Jesus. When you feel foolish pray for Jesus to wrap himself around you. When your angry about the waiting, tell Jesus about it. He can handle it and He will walk you through it.

2.) READ : Fill your mind with Jesus' promises. He will come through in the waiting, He will not fail. I have found comfort and peace so many days simply spending time reading my Bible. His words flood into my heart and mind and wrap me in His presence.

3.) COMMUNITY : Share your journey with your friends. I've called friends randomly, sent text messages and chatted with friends daily about our season of waiting. They pray for us all the time, they sending me encouraging snail mail and they make my day brighter everyday.

4.) FUN : Lots and lots of fun! Take advantage of the waiting. You're not going anywhere so have fun! Do things you've always wanted to do, try different projects, have a dance party, sing in the car, and have lots of fun!

5.) REFOCUS : It's so easy to spend all your time wondering when the waiting will be over. Refocus your thoughts on what's happening now.  Whatever your currently doing or working on refocus on that. "Wherever you are, be all there."
5 Ways to make waiting easier, trust in Jesus
Are you in a season of waiting? I would love to pray and encourage you through this time of waiting. We can find contentment in the waiting, we just need to stay focused on Jesus. xo. Samantha

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I am also in a season of waiting and what you've written has been a great encouragement.


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