October 8, 2014


It's officially Autumn and it is officially one of my favorite times of the year. I love cool crisp weather, I love adding layer after layer, cuddling under blankets, and the general warm fuzzy feeling that comes with Fall. Living in SoCal has definitely been different then living in the Midwest and every year I miss the cool weather and the changing leaves. I decided this year that even though the air may not be crisp that I was going to make it Fall in SoCal and that starts with my Fall bucket list.

1.) Make smores : because Fall means bonfires. I may not have a bonfire but I can still make smores.

2.) Bake an Autumn dessert for Tyler's co-workers : I love making treats and desserts for Tyler's work. It's a little something I can do to show them that they are loved.

3.) Make and drink hot apple cider : Tyler loves apple cider and love how it makes the house smell. We're going to bring Fall inside with some yummy apple cider.

4.) Make pumpkin pancakes : Autumn means all things pumpkin. Last year I made pumpkin doughnuts and they were amazing! This year I decided I would give some pumpkin pancakes a try!

5.) Decorate with leaves : There aren't that many trees that lose Fall leaves on our street so I may be buying some fake Fall leaves, but it will totally count.

6.) Have a Fall movie night : Tyler asked me what makes a movie a Fall movie. I'm not sure, but we're totally going to find some.

7.) Host a chili party : Chili! I love chili and I love making chili! I only have a few cold weather months here and I have to take advantage of them.

8.) Plan a Fall Getaway : This is in the works and I'm so excited about it! Hoping it's the first of many!

9.) Have a Fall photo shoot : It's always so hilarious when Tyler and I do photo shoots together because that means we use the tripod.

10.) Make sweet potato fries : I have never made sweet potato fries, but I really want to and I figure Fall is a great time to start.

11.) Bake cinnamon apple chips : I, for reals, just threw this one in when I saw those cinnamon apple chips. Can't wait!

What's on your Autumn Bucket list?

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1 comment:

  1. This is an awesome list! I am especially excited to hear about how the pumpkin pancakes turn out and I may have to steal the idea of a chili party cuz how fun would that be?

    I stumbled on your blog a couple of months ago via oak + oats and have been recently stopping by more often and enjoying everything I read!

    I made some fall goals too that are posted on my blog but one of them is to start working on my wedding scrapbook as it's now about a year overdue!


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