October 27, 2014

5 THINGS // VOL. 28

1.) Fall is slowly making it's way into SoCal. Our days are finally cooling, no more 90º days, hurray! And with cooler weather comes cozy mornings, hot tea and letter writing. Hello, Fall.

2.) P.F. Chang's for the win! Tyler's brother-in-law was in town last week and he took us to dinner at P.F. Chang's. I had only ever been there once a long time ago and I was so excited. We scored on left over's too!

3.) Happy Handmade Home arrived and I was over the moon! I had been really interested to see how ABM's book had come together. I had read reviews of their first book and I was completely fascinated to see how this booked faired in regards to content and their blog.

4.) Tyler and I sported Newsie style on Saturday at our church's trunk-or-treat event! I was still recovering from being sick, but Tyler was Newsie through and through. People even wanted pictures with him!

5.) The loveliest necklace arrived last week and I have been wearing it every day. I love the minimalist and feminine design. More on that later.

This and this are lovely.
Two words, Etsy Swap. Totally swooned over all the goodies.
Starbucks Pumpkin cake, all day every day. 
Are you as tough as a Tough Mudder?
Get Fit, get strong
This hand lettering is lovely.

How was your week lovelies? 

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