October 20, 2014

5 THINGS // VOL. 27

1.) It may be Fall, but the roses are still blooming. They seem to love the California Fall weather. Summer's seem rather harsh and they seem to get scorched but in the Fall they're happy. 

2.) Tyler brought home a new Feast Print and it's so adorable. He also brought home a pumpkin which means it's starting to feel a little bit like Fall in our house. The temperature may not be cooperating, but I can still make inside feel warm and cozy.

3.) I needed a day of Gilmore Girls and tea so one day last week I spent all day on the couch doing work and watching Gilmore Girls. It was so lovely. I should do that every week!

4.) I baked up some really yummy homemade brownies with dark chocolate and almonds. They are my favorite and so easy! Don't you worry I'll be sharing them soon!

5.) On Saturday some friends invited us to go to Disneyland last minute. Tyler and I were so pumped. We had just finished up a bunch of chores so we took quick showers and were on our way. Disneyland is so magical! We had so much fun!


It's Fall somewhere.
A day in the life in 72 seconds, what is your day like?
When blog friends hangout. 
I made this. It's delicious and easy. Done deal.
These cookbooks will have you cooking in no time.
Taco pizza. Yes, please. 
This bag.

How was your week, lovelies? 

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