October 6, 2014

5 THINGS // VOL. 26

1.) I'm giving a new online shop a try. Have you heard of Like Twice? It's super similar to ThredUp, except they do free return shipping. Now that is what I'm taking about, especially since it's tough to know if things are going to fit right. I ordered this Roxy top and it's so great! I'll be sharing it sometime soon!

2.) Fall has arrived and one of our very favorite Fall activities is hiking every Sunday in Griffith Park. When the weather cools off the hikes are so lovely and when we reach the top of the mountain we're able to watch the sun set. A perfect Fall evening.

3.) Tyler and I have recently worked on and finished a project. I'm so exited to share it with you guys. We've been working on a certain space that has taken a while to come together and I think we've finally got it. Plus a little paint can always go a long way.

4.) That guy is my favorite and I love that he shares his gifts with others. He spent his Friday morning doing chalk art at a local school. He's the best! And super talented!

5.) Tyler and I went to a screening of LoopDeloop at Nickelodeon. It was pretty fun! I had never heard of LoopDeLoop until Tyler told me about it and it seems pretty neat. Oh, yea, they had free food. #winning.

This office space, swoon. 
Did you  know about this super amazing Croissant french toast? For reals.
Because I secretly want to be a hardcore rock climber. 
Have you been to Mount Rushmore? People, South Dakota will blow you away.
I'm so ready for Fall weather. 
I've never tried paleo but this apple cake has me totally interested.
Unique art for your unique space.

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