September 18, 2014


Sometimes I have off days, sometimes I have off weeks. Sometimes my pictures don't turn out great and sometimes it feels like it takes me forever to get posts written. We all have days, weeks, or seasons where staying inspired is tough.
There are times where I want to give up, there are times when I feel discouraged and unmotivated. Tyler and I sat down one day and talked about ways that we could stay inspired and driven while we chase our dreams. We want to live lives with everything we have, we want to be there for every moment.


1.) Be inspired by the greats: I hit on this topic last week and I believe it is one thing that has great effect in inspiring us. Inspiration from others can take us down two roads. A road of challenge or road of discouragement. Be inspired by the greats. Let their work inspire you and keep motivating you to do better.

2.) You only have one life: We only have one opportunity to improve our craft, chase our passions and pursue our dreams. Complacency can sneak in at take that time away. Embrace every moment of your life, take every challenge and every opportunity to improve your craft and passions.
3.) Find others that challenge and encourage you: Surround yourself with others who want you to succeed. Others who will challenge and encourage you to do your best. Others who will keep you accountable and moving forward. These are the one's that will help you build ideas and strengthen idea.

4.) Clear you mind, get outside, get off the computer: It's easy to get sucked into the things we're passionate about. But if all your time is spent only on those things, it won't be to long that you're losing steam and passion. Take a break, get outside and get off the computer. Time outside and with friends will refresh and inspire you. And often times you'll be filled with new ideas and drive.
What are ways that you stay inspired and driven? Make sure to stop by the Advice Column tomorrow! We'll be chatting more about this topic!

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