September 11, 2014


Welcome to the final installment of The Artist Guild! I still can't believe it's September, Autumn is approaching and it's lovely. Today's Artist Guild activity was to do a vlog. I included this prompt as our final prompt because I wanted to challenge myself to try other creative endeavors outside of photography and vloging was the next step. This whole vlog business is tough and intimidating, but I'm so glad I'm able to cross another vlog of the list.

I decided for this vlog I would chat a little bit about the Artist Guild and then wrap it up with a Q&A follow from my very first vlog I did in February! Hooray! I'm finally answering those Q&A questions and I'm opening the Q&A platform again for others who would like to submit questions.


1.) Do you want kids? If so, do you have any favorite names?
Tyler and I have talked about kids, but they definitely aren't on our radar right now. And we have talked about names too! As for favorites, I'm not quiet sure we have any right now. We do have favorite names for dogs and they will probably come before kids. As of now, we would love to have a German Shepherd and name him/her BROOKLYN!

2.) What did you major in college? If you could go through college again, would you choose the same major?
I majored in Public Relations in college. I chose that specific major because I felt like it was something I could do a lot with. Communication comes very naturally to me so it was a really great experience because it was something that I did well. If I was to go back I may not choose Public Relations, but I think I may have chosen something in the arts. Maybe photography, or graphic design, or visual development. 

3.) What are your dreams? Your husband's dreams? Your dreams as a family? For your etsy shop/blog?
Dreams are my favorite, times 100! It maybe be hard for me to put all my dreams into words but I'll do my best. First, Tyler and I always pray that the dreams we have, have been shaped by Jesus and that we're always seeking Christ as he continues to shape our dreams. My dreams are always growing and evolving and I think to put it simply, my dreams are for Jesus to use me to encourage others. To encourage others to trust Him and to believe in impossible dreams. My dreams are to share my story of how Jesus has made the impossible happen in our lives because we took big risks and trusted Him.

4.) What is your greatest fear?
This is hard for my to write about because my greatest fear is a lie that I struggle with. But every once in a while I fear that I'll stand before Jesus and wouldn't have been enough. I'm not going to go into this very much because that lie doesn't have any weight. 

5.) Greatest accomplishment?
I would definitely have to say my greatest accomplishments are my relationships.  Loving people and loving Jesus is my greatest accomplishment and learning how to love people better.

6.) Favorite food?
ALL THE FOOD! Okay, that's a little dramatic, but I do like food. My favorite foods would probably be  BBQ and Chinese. I love BBQ pulled pork and BBQ beans and I love, love Chinese. Those are usually the two types of food that I want to get for special occasions. 

7.) What is your favorite store to buy clothes from?
Ummm. I shop at lots of different places and I usually have to shop lots of different stores to get the fit and style I like. I do love TJ Maxx because I can find lots of different things and I also really like Gap and Old Navy. I really just love finding pieces I love at a killer price.

8.) What's the most expensive piece of clothing you own?
My wedding dress. I'm all about finding quality pieces at a killer price. So, yea, my wedding dress. Which I don't think was that expensive.

9.) How long does it normally take you to write a blog post?
I do all of my work in batches. So, I do all my photo shoots together. I edit all my photos together and I write all my posts together. If I'm working uninterrupted I can usually hammer out the work pretty quickly depending on the content. Usually I can accomplish my photo shoots in about 2 hours and then editing can take about 2 hours sometimes less, if my content does have a lot of photos. Then I'll spend about 2 to 3 hours writing.  

10.) Do you have any favorite photography sites to share with us? 
I used to follow lots and lots of photography sites. There are so many lovely ones, but one of my all time favorites is,  We are the Parson. They tell the most beautiful stories through their photos and they do a yearly retreat which I think is exquisite and I've never even been. I've only seen photos.

Phew! Did you make it to the end? I hope you learned some interesting stuff. And thank you, thank you, to everyone who participated in the Artist Guild. It was so awesome of you! You rock!

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