September 3, 2014


August has come and gone. Can you believe it? Fall is upon us and I can't wait to breath in that crisp cold hair. August provided an opportunity to slow down a little and re-establish a routine. It was a time for me to find rest in Jesus and allow him to prepare my heart for this fall season.


1.) Sign up for a Skillshare Class: Done! August was coming to an end and I hadn't signed up for a class yet. I knew I probably wouldn't get started right away but I did want to at least sign up. With Skillshare you can sign up for monthly memberships or you can purchase individual classes. I opted to sign up for an individual class because I knew it would take me longer then a month to finish and I wanted to give myself enough time. I signed up for a hand lettering class and I can't wait!

2.) Switch to Disqus: Done! And loving it! Switching to Disqus has been great and so easy. Managing my comments and connecting with others has become 100 times easier. I shared a bit more in depth of why I made the switch here.

3.) Intentional Community Building: Done! I wasn't able to do this as much as I would have liked but I tried to be intentional about stopping by new blogs and spending time promoting fun stuff.

4.) Find new css to resize post images: Done! And I shared lots of CSS secrets here!

5.) Order Business: I still haven't completed this goal. BUT, I actually finished the design, after I don't know how many designs I had been through I finally settled on one. Here's to hoping I get them ordered this month.

6.) Write Down Life Stories: Done! This is actually an on going goal, but I got things rolling in August and I actually got a lot written down. Hurray!

7.) Finish Reading the Circle Maker: Let's be honest. I didn't even crack the cover. But I'm confident I'll finish it, it just may take me a while.
When I sat down to write my goals I decided to do them a little differently this month. I always have a running list of items I would like to accomplish and for the most part I'm able to complete them. This month I decided to choose goals that I will circle in prayer. Goals that may feel a little impossible. Goals that I will pray circles around and give to Jesus. 


1.) Tyler's Career: I have been circling Tyler's career in prayer since I first started reading The Circle Maker. I wrote down five things that I would circle in prayer and Tyler's career was one of them. It's really hard for me to share this goal because I feel like Jesus has revealed a lot to me regarding his plan, but doubt creeps in sometime and I wonder if I'm wrong. Either way, I trust in Jesus, no matter the outcome.

2.) Community Building Projects: I have lots of ideas that I would love to implement that I hope would build and encourage strong community in this space, but then I get stuck in wondering if they will really work. What if they don't go over well? What if no one likes them? I'll be circling this goal and giving it to Jesus allowing him to shape the projects and encourage me through it.

3.) Purge: Tyler and I have been purging a lot. We both feel like Jesus has been preparing us for something and I have had a strong desire to purge like nobodies business. I will continue to pray about Jesus' plan for our life and evaluate the things we need and don't need.

What are your goals for this month? Are there any impossible feeling goals that you'll be circling and giving to Jesus. How can we encourage you in your goal setting?

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