September 25, 2014


Tyler and I are half way through our 90 days of P90X3. Did you know we have been doing P90X3? I  have always loved the idea of fitness. We enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, and lots of out door activities, but I had never committed to any type of everyday fitness. When a friend from church asked if we would like to take the P90X3 challenge we were super pumped about it.
Tyler and I had both come to a place where we wanted to get more healthy and fit. We have the regular P90X program, but I was always discouraged because  I had a difficult time completely the hour long workouts. I knew that P90X3 would be a great fit for me because the work outs are only 30 minutes.
The program includes our 90 day workout plan and a nutrition guide. I reviewed the nutrition guide and added a few different snacks to our everyday meals, but didn't change a whole lot in our regular diet. Prior to beginning our workouts Tyler and I had been working on eating healthy and I was grateful we didn't have to change things to drastically. I did cut back on snack cracker foods. I love eating hummus and pretzel chips, but I switched out the pretzel chips with veggies. Are you wondering if we still eat normal people food? Of course we do and I still eat chocolate and sweet treats. I just don't eat a ton of those kind of things. Overall we eat a lot of chicken, fish, veggies, and brown rice. I throw in tacos and burgers occasionally.
When we started P90X3 my goal wasn't necessarily to lose weight. I've always been pretty small and I didn't think I had a whole lot of weight to lose. My goal was to get fit, healthy, and strong. Tyler and I both took before photos and measurements and we have been keeping track of our goals. The most exciting thing about this process is the results. The photos and measurements help a ton. I can definitely see changes in my body and I can tell I'm getting stronger. Something that used to be really discouraging to me was I had really shallow breathing and I didn't feel like my lungs could keep up with the workouts. I have noticed that the more I work out the stronger my lungs get. Super exciting!
The hardest part for me in this journey has been figuring out how much to eat. The first month I didn't actually eat enough. It didn't take me until the second month to figure out that if I wanted to build muscle I needed to eat more.  If you're interested in starting a fitness journey I highly recommend P90X3. The program is easy to follow, they layout everything that you need and I love that there are different workout programs that you can work up to. Tyler and I are currently working through the classic fitness program and then we're going through the lean program. I can't wait! What are some of you favorite ways to stay fit and healthy?

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  1. We just finished P90X3 in July and it was awesome! My husband and I both loved it, and especially found it so much more doable than the P90X because of the time frame. I, like you, didn't enter into the program wanting to lose weight, but instead just get more fit. I landed up losing 5 pounds which a lotttt for me and I got a lot of compliments- both of which I never expected. Now I'm doing some barre3 workouts at home to try something different but I'm sure I'll probably do the P90X3 program again. I love your idea of going back and doing the lean version (we too did the classic), so maybe I'll do that if I dont land up liking barre3.


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