September 22, 2014

5 THINGS / VOL. 24

1.) Snail mail is my favorite. I'm sure you know that. Last week I packaged up some goodies that had been sitting on my desk for far to long and I used the cutest little stamp to add some extra flair. Swoon.

2.) I'm headed to Georgia today and over the weekend I packed lots of pretty things. My brother is graduating Officer Candidacy School and tomorrow there is a formal. I love dressing up and can't wait!

3.) Last week I started the She Reads Truth Open Your Bible study and it has been so lovely. I love following along with She Reads Truth, so much that they share through the Word speaks to my heart.

4.) This weekend Tyler and I attended our Life Group Leadership Summit. We came away with lots of helpful tips and encouragement.

5.) Dark chocolate is my jam and I have a thing for keeping it in the house. I love having a small piece of chocolate after lunch. Plus, dark chocolate speeds up your metabolism! Win, win!

The cutest video ever.
Who knew fashion overseas could be so different?
Are you ready for Autumn?
Because we all need a good pair of hiking shoes.
The most adorable stripes and turquoise. 

How was your week, lovelies? 

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