September 8, 2014

5 THINGS // VOL. 23

1.) Last week I got to hangout with my good friend Caitlin! She and her husband have just moved to San Diego and she hung out with us while he was traveling. We didn't have a lot planned but we did hike in Griffith Park to the helipad to look over the city. It's one of my favorite things!
2.) Another one of our adventures while Caitlin was here was visiting the LA abandoned Zoo! The zoo is at the base of the park Griffith Park so before we started our hike we walked around to all the old cages. It's super unique and fun! Have you ever visited an abandoned zoo?
3.) I love food. Do you? I automatically think that everyone likes food as much as I do, but they probably don't. I just received this Tacolicious book and I can't wait to try some of the yummy recipes. I flipped through the first half and was pleased to find some recipes that were easy enough for me to tackle.
4.) Before Caitlin left to head back to San Deigo we went through all my fabric. She took the stuff she liked, I had a pile to donate and I'm now down to my favorite fabric which will be used for some final pieces in the shop. I love purging and minimalizing.
5.) Cuddled under the first blanket of the season! It was so nice and only lasted a couple of hours, but it was still lovely.  Are you starting to experience the feelings of Fall?

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