August 14, 2014

The Artist Guild: A Photo Shoot

*Welcome to the Artist Guild, this is our opportunity to create together. The second Thursday of the month we come together to share our creative projects. There are eight creative activities that we'll be working on through September. To learn more, read here. We would love to have you join us and link-up your creative awesomeness! 

Today's Artist Guild activity, Share one non-related blog photo shoot.

This activity was actually really hard for me. Taking photos for my blog has become second nature, so I needed something completely different. Tyler had the greatest idea. He suggested I take photos the weekend that his college buddies were here. This would be perfect because Tyler would love photos of the weekend and I knew the experience would end up really stretching and challenging me.
One of my favorite things about taking these photos is that I was able to hangout with everyone, snap a bunch of photos and no one thought twice about it. I didn't have any one hiding behind something or trying to move out of the way of the camera, it was great. I also felt a little bit like a groupie, but that's no big thing.
I knew this experience was going to be about capturing all the guys having fun and hanging out. I wasn't going to pose anyone, I had no real control of the lighting we where in, I just had to go with it. When these guys get together they are a riot. They laugh so much. I don't know anyone else that Tyler get's together with that laugh and smile this much. It's really fun to be a part of.
 A part of the festivities was going to Nickelodeon for family fun day. A major take away from that day; squirt guns. Lots and lots of squirt guns.
One of my favorite things about this is the fact that Tyler has this relationship with all these guys and they all make an effort to stay in touch. They all went to college together and they all work in the same industry. Totally completely fascinating. I look forward many more years of laughs with these gents.
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September 11th : Vlog
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