August 25, 2014

5 THINGS // VOL. 21

1.) Last week I got the best surprise in the mail! I was chatting with some friends about Austenland and how much we loved it and the next thing I know I'm getting it in the mail! Best ever! Are you an Austenland fan?
2.) Do you remember these little guys from early this summer? They have been growing and growing and we just transplanted them into a new planter so that they can grow to their little hearts content. I can't wait until they start flowering.
3.) It's a rare occasion that we actually have over cast skies, so when we do I drink it in. I miss raining days and thunderstorms something fierce.
4.) Tyler and I picked up some new kicks. We've been doing P90X3 for three weeks now and it was stressed to exercise in court/training shoes, so we decided to see if it made a difference.  It totally did and we have been loving our workouts! 
5.) I received the cutest earrings from a friends new Etsy shop! I think they are so so fun, I can't wait to style them with a fun outfit and share it with you! How was your week?

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