August 18, 2014

5 THINGS // VOL. 20

1.) This past week was rather slow. I was recuperating from being away and then I got sick. I spent most days on the coach watching Gilmore Girls, but by Friday I was feeling better and preparing fun goodies to ship.
2.) Even though I was sick last week I made major progress on my August Goals. I even finished my business card design after re-designing them one to many times.
3.) Tyler and I visit the library often. This weekend we picked up a bunch of fun movies to watch. We have really missed spending time together since our summer has been so crazy and stressful. We're trying to catch up on some "us" time.
4.) Prior to moving to California I hadn't ever been to an In-N-Out. It's always so delicious and I love how they have scripture on the cups and fry containers. Now when ever I crave a burger I always think of In-N-Out. Do you have an In-N-Out in your town?
5.) More plants made it to our house this weekend. Yay! We were specifically looking for a longer planter to transplant some flowers in. We found one that works, now we just have to see if they will make it. Fingers crossed. How was your week?

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