July 3, 2014

Every Artist Has a Beginning

Tyler is an avid collector of The Art Of books. Our most recent addition was The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2. We actually picked it up at the How To Train Your Dragon 2 panel and book signing. After we came home the book sat on our table for a couple days. I walked by it a couple of times and then one day I found myself staring at.
I was suddenly reminded that the artists who create beautiful paintings and make characters come to life all had a beginning too. This was so encouraging to me. They all didn't come out guns blazing creating art like pros right out of the gate. They all made their way through the trenches, practicing their craft, working hard, and striving for greatness.
Their journey is no different then ours. We're just looking at it from a different perspective. I'm sure some of them look at some of their work and wish it was better, because they are all striving to create better. They're are all just people like us.
I've learned something about artist and that is that they are incredibly humble, well, at least the ones I have met. And you want to know something amazing. These artist create amazing animated movies and beautiful art pieces, but hardly anyone can name who they are. Before I met Tyler I had no idea who any famous animators were. The very first time I met a famous animator I had to ask Tyler to compare him to a celebrity so I could better understand. Most of the time we're only thinking about who voices the characters but those voices would be lost without life like characters.
I'm encouraged by these artists. I'm encouraged by their unknown stories. We may never know how hard they had to work to get where they are today, but we do know that they had to start at a beginning. They dared to dream, they went on adventures, and they worked hard. Most important, some of them work for the glory of Jesus, they are Kingdom workers. And I know some of them feel alone, as if they are the only soldier on the battlefield. But you and I, we can encourage them. We can pray for them.
Where have you found unexpected encouragement?

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  1. I love seeing anyone's art they've created. It can have nothing to do with any hobby of mine, but just knowing they created it inspires me. P.S. I think our "design style" is similar. I love your new layout and noticed you moved the header (is that weird?) I actually had my new design looking kind of similar and loved how the blog started off with photos and not words... so I love how you changed that... more importantly, do you like your change? I ended up changing mine to something else because I couldn't figure out how to make it flow through the photos, you did a great job!!

    1. Totally not weird at all. :) I notice design elements all the time. It's basically what my eyes are drawn to first. I have a tendency to change my header often. Mostly because I'm always wanting to make it better and different. I do like the change a lot. I would still like to keep working in it. Usually what happens is that I'll see something that inspires me and then start working on it again.

  2. Bah!! I love the Art Of books, and I LOVED How To Train Your Dragon 2. Also, after reading this I went and bought the art book! Haha. It's been sitting in my wishlist and I finally took the plunge. :) Can't wait to get it!! Love adding to my art book collection. :)

    1. Yay! That is so awesome! It's a rarity that those books are at our house. Normally they are at Tyler's office, but he just moved buildings so they were in the car and I grabbed some of my favorites. I'm always so inspired by those books!


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