June 12, 2014

The Artist Guild: Life Drawing

*Welcome to the Artist Guild, this is our opportunity to create together. The second Thursday of the month we come together to share our creative projects. There are eight creative activities that we'll be working on through September. To learn more, read here. We would love to have you join us and link-up your creative awesomeness! 

Today's Artist Guild activity, Spend an afternoon life drawing 

For today's Artist Guild activity I decided to go to the Zoo. Life drawing is something that when I do it, I do it for fun. I'm not very good at it so when I spend time life drawing I do so very casually and try not to think to hard about it. Going to the zoo was really fun and a great experience. I went with a friend and we went right when the zoo opened so it wasn't crazy busy.
I decided to share lots of photos from the zoo as well as my drawings. It was a lovely sunny day and we walked around looking at different animals and I made my attempts at drawing them. What usually happens is that I'll start drawing and once I get the basic shape, I stop. I think technically you are supposed to keep going, but I call it good.
I'm not sure if you can tell, but below there is a drawing of some swans, some flamingos, and a Merkat. My swans actually came out pretty good. I mean it actually looks like a swan. I'm not quit sure about the other drawings.
I feel like I need to explain my drawings otherwise you might not know what they are. So, in the left photos there are drawings of a tortoise and a tapir. I think my tortoise actually came out pretty good. In the right drawing is my elephant, which totally looks like an elephant. Nailed it!
I first became interested in life drawing because of Tyler. I think it's a great activity to simply challenge myself creatively. It's really not something I do awesome at, but it get's me out of my comfort zone and forces me to think about art and life differently.
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Our next Artist Guild link-up

July 10th  : Paint one water color painting in photoshop 
Non-photoshop users, you can use any outlet you wish. You can water color on paper or any platform you like. Again, remember, it's not a masterpiece, it's about the experience. I'm actually painting in the app Brushes.

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  1. this is a great idea! love seeing what other creatives are up to. i really like the flamingo picture and your correlating sketch. you've got the talent girl!

    1. Thanks Lacey! That really means alot! Life drawing can feel so hard at times so I try not to take myself to seriously and just have fun. Having fun makes it totally worth it. :)

  2. I love this idea of going to the zoo and drawing animals! They are my favorite thing to draw and yet I have never done that! Thanks for the inspiration! Your drawings are so good, I can totally tell what they are and how you used shapes to create them! Thanks again for hosting!

    1. Life drawing at the Zoo was so fun! I liked it because I didn't feel like I needed to draw all the time. When Tyler goes he can spend the whole day there just drawing and drawing.
      By the way, what does your husband do? Is he an artist?

    2. I think I could spend the whole day drawing too! Josh is actually a school counselor, he plays around with digital art stuff but I don't think he would consider himself an artist (although I think he is pretty good). He is really supportive of my art making and for that I am really blessed!


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