April 20, 2014

He Was Numbered with the Transgressors

..."And he was numbered with the transgressors"

I didn't want to let today just pass by, but words don't always come super easy for me. It was really amazing too because without planning it my daily Bible reading was from the end of Luke.  Christ is RISEN! What a beautiful story of grace, mercy, and love. These words from Phil Wickham's song Mercy explain things beautifully.

Heaven to Earth came down from on high
With Hope in His name and a fire in His eyes
The fullness of God walking upon the world
He said He was love then proved it with blood
And rose from the dead to prove He was God
And that's what it takes for one man to save the world

Oh such Mercy, Mercy
He saved the whole world when He hung on a tree
Such mercy

Now here inside of our skin and bones
Heaven above is making it's home
The kingdom of God living upon the world
To love like He loves and give like he gives
To tell the story that makes dead men live
and that's what it takes if we're gonna to change the world

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