January 14, 2014

A Mid-West Christmas

Is it too late to share some tidbits about our Christmas? When Tyler and I went home for Christmas I almost completely checked out from my blog and social media. Which was amazing. It's not too hard to check out when you don't have an iphone, which I don't,  so easy-peasy. Tyler and I have been blessed to be able to take off two weeks at the end of each year to spend with our families. We spend the first week staying with my mom and the second week staying with Tyler's mom.
Christmas day we spend the morning with my side of the family and then in the afternoon we head to Tyler's side of the family. Last year we started a tradition of making Christmas breakfast which was amazing. Eggs, ham, hash browns, and this year I turned this Pumpkin Doughnut recipe into waffles. I now want to make pumpkin waffles all the time. After breakfast we read Luke 2 and then open gifts. There is only 4 of us so it's pretty low key and relaxing.
After breakfast, opening gifts, and relaxing for a while we head to Tyler's mom for a late lunch and more Christmas. There are a total of 9 adults and 7 children, we basically could have played a baseball game with that many people. We have a delicious Christmas lunch and then we all sit together to open gifts. Because there are so many of us we draw names for gift giving.  After opening gifts we hang-out and play games. I was actually sick so I ended sitting on the couch most of the time coughing constantly.  How was your Christmas?

P.S. The winner of the Reader Appreciation Gift is... Christina!!! Congrats! 


  1. aw sorry you were sick at christmas! so was i...that coughing mess was going around. looks like y'all had a good time with family though!

    i must know, what is that book on Frozen?? my inner disney nerd freaked out a little.

  2. I checked out from social media too. It was so nice not to "owe" parts of myself to people

  3. DUDE. We totally both posted about Christmas today. We are awesome. Sorry you were sick :( But it looks like you all had tons of fun!

  4. Looks so fun! AND YOUR HAIR! Eeeep!


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