October 14, 2013

Movie Under the Stars! Goonies never say die!

Last weekend was my first "Movie Under the Stars" at Nick. Last year, they had "date night" which was apparently lame because we didn't go... they picked a not so great movie so we skipped out on that one. But this year they brought back "Movie Under the Stars" and I was so excited!

Husband reminded me a couple times that day, "don't eat before we go, there will be tons of food there." And boy was he right; pizza, salad, burgers, dogs, quesadillas, grilled peaches, asparagus, Baby Ruth Mac-n-cheese, Tri-tip... I'm hungry now.

And let's not forget to mention the candy bar! O'man the candy bar! Let's just say I ate so much food that night.

Husband and I were walking around taking pictures and checking everything out and I totally had one of those "This is so crazy cool!" moments. Husband asked me that night if I ever that I would be at Nickelodeon watching the Goonies and of course my answer was no. I often think about how amazing our Lord is and I am reminded that everything that we experience and everything we have is ALL because of the grace of Jesus. He has placed us in this industry for a reason. The experiences we have and the people we build relationships with are all based around seeking Christ's will for our lives.

O'wait, I haven't yet mentioned the ice cream bar. There was an ice cream bar too! I think I may have eaten may weight in food that night.

We spent the first 30 minutes just walking around, then we got in line for food, lots and lots of food. Then we got cozy on our blanket which was next to our friends and spent the evening under the stars watching The Goonies and stuffing our faces.

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  1. this is SO fun!! and now i'm hungry :) also, super awesome where the Lord has your right now! i know He is and will continue to use you and your hubs for His glory!

    1. Thank you! It has been such an experience! When things get hard I always remind myself that this is our mission field!


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