September 3, 2013

The Shop: What to Put in Your Zip Pouch

Have you checked out the medium zip pouches in the shop, yet? I think they are absolutely perfect at helping to keep you organized in style and you can put practically anything inside of them. And let's not forget about how stinkin' cute they are, right?
This is one of my favorite pouches in the shop! The floral print has a great vintage feel, yet has a modern touch. So let's get to it... what are we going to put in these cute pouches.
I decided I would fill it with some practical everyday items; a small notebook, pens, make-up, lotion, some hair accessories, and even my flash drive.
Did you notice how much we just fit in there? And did you also notice how adorable it was? Yea, me too. Next, I decided to fill it with all my camera accessories, because it just makes sense for me to need something to help keep my camera accessories organized while on the go. 

Look at that cute mini pouch, just so cute it makes my day. 

I am so in love with how well these pouches fit my everyday items, keeping me organized in style. Now lets just go to town on all the other amazing items to put in there! Are you an artist, throw your drawing pencils in there. Do you like to sew, these pouches would be perfect to put some sewing supplies in. Going to be doing some traveling soon; the last time I traveled, I filled my pouch with all my chargers and cords. Headed to the farmers market, store your cash and keys in it while picking out your favorite fruits and veggies. Skies the limit with these super cute and versatile pouches.

Hot dang, I think I just talked myself in to keeping all these pouches for myself! Just kidding!
What would you fill your pouch with?

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