September 11, 2013

DIY: Wooden Spool Rack

Are you ready for this super easy DIY? I think we spent $1.50 total on this, because we already had all the other supplies. Scratch that, it was a little more because of the metal brackets holding up the mason jar... but still not very much.

Supplies needed; two dowel rods, a wood board, wood glue, a screw driver, a ruler, a pencil and metal brackets. 

1.) Determine how far apart you want each spool. Measure and mark on the back of the board.

2.) Screw holes in all the marked spots. 3.) Determine the length you want each dowel rod to be. 4.) Cut and sand the dowel rod pieces. 

5.) Glue each dowel rod into the open screw holes, let dry. 6.)Measure where you want the mason jar to be and screw in the metal brackets to secure the mason jar.

Bam! All done! Super easy, super cute, and super organizational friendly. Goodness, how many times can I use the word super? By the way, I had every intention of painting this, however I haven't got around to it. I'll keep you updated if I decide to paint it.

Happy Creating!
What else do you think we could make with a wood board and two dowel rods?

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