September 9, 2013

Burbank's Rocket Fizz Soda & Candy Shoppe

This weekend was pretty quiet. Husband worked on AnimSquad and I spent some time on projects. We did throw in some Redbox movies though. That's kind of a regular thing for us. Most Friday's I check to see what might be new in the Redbox.  Anyways, since our weekend was quiet I decided I would share one of my favorite places in Burbank. When people come to visit us we love to take them here. This is Rocket Fizz.
Rocket Fizz is a Candy & Soda Shop. Where old school meets new school. Candy and soda from the past and candy and soda present day. When Husband's dad was here in March we took him to Rocket Fizz and he was able to get soda and candy that he hadn't had since he was a kid.
One of my favorite things about Rocket Fizz is their soda collection. This is the place where I began down the road to become a Root Beer Connoisseur. At one point Husband and I would stop in every Saturday just to pick up a different kinds of soda. I would try another Root Beer and Husband would often pick up a fruit flavored soda. 
Rocket Fizz is full of old timing and vintage items. Old wooden crates, soda spritzers, and more. And you are more then welcome to buy almost anything you see. I've secretly been wanting a soda spritzer.

Lots and lots of candy wrapped in their original packaging.

And lots of new school candy.

If you are ever in Burbank, you should definitely check out Rocket Fizz. And look me up too!

What are some of your favorite local places?

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  1. hello lovely! I love old time shops like this!!

    1. They're kind of like time machines! Taking us back to a time past!


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