September 30, 2013

She Went to The Emmys...

She went to The Emmys and I did her hair! This was one of those, "O' so cool!" moments. Did you know there are two Emmys? There are the Creative Arts Emmys and the Primetime Emmys. The Creative Arts Emmys are held the weekend before the Primetime Emmys. Random facts, I know.

Anyways, my friend Sunha and her husband Andres went to the Creative Arts Emmys! How stinkin' cool is that! And I was absolutely honored and thrilled when Sunha asked me to do her hair.

I love doing hair, I think it's great fun. It's another one of those creative outlets for me. I have no professional training, I don't really have lots of fancy tools or products, I just think it's fun doing hair.

One thing I have learned about trying to do any kind of hair is that you need lots of texture. I used to always get frustrated with my hair because I had the hardest time getting it to do fun things. And then over time, attempt after attempt, I figured out the more texture my  hair had the easier it was to style. That's pretty stinkin hard to do since my hair is super straight.

With Sunha, I added some curls for texture and then lots and lots of teasing and hair spray. Then I did a simple side braid and then pinned it up messy bun style.

This was tons and tons of fun for me. Before this event I told Sunha and her sister Sun, that if either of them needed their hair done to let me know. It's that much fun for me! So next time you need your hair done, hit me up! I love the practice!
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September 23, 2013

Frank's & Larry Crowne

Last weekend Husband took me to Frank's. It was another first for me. There a tons of places in Burbank that I have never been to. Husband and I had chatted about breakfast and he thought it would be fun to go to Frank's. See, Frank's is an ordinary diner, however, you may be more familiar with it then you think.

Frank's made many, many appearances in the film Larry Crowne. It's really fun sometimes because now when we watch shows and movies we can point out where certain scenes where filmed in Burbank.
(via / via)
We had such a fun morning. It's not often that we get to go to breakfast so it was a real treat. We both love breakfast food and Frank's hit the spot.

I usually stick with the classic; eggs, pancakes, sausage, and potatoes. That's sounds like a lot of food, gosh. Husband usually goes with omelets or breakfast burritos. And we almost always end up sharing.
Have you started making a list of the places you are supposed to visit in Burbank? I hope so! Before you know it, you'll be as familiar with Burbank as I am!

What are some of you favorite breakfast foods?
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P.S. It's maybe starting to feel like fall! Yipee!

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September 20, 2013

The Inexpressible Comfort {photo challenge #4}

The comfort you feel with a person, how safe you are, the trust you have with them. The comfort of love, the comfort of sharing all your secrets with you best-friend.  No walls. Your worst, your best; shared together. A safe place to be challenged and pushed. A place to grow. Comfort.

Oh, the comfort - the inexpressible comfort of
feeling safe with a person,
Having neither to weigh thoughts,
Nor measure words - but pouring them
All right out - just as they are -
Chaff and grain together -
Certain that a faithful hand will
Take and sift them -
Keep what is worth keeping -
And with the breath of kindness
Blow the rest away.
- Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

 ... the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person...

How would you describe comfort?
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September 19, 2013

The Creator's Creativity

Have you ever really thought about the creative heart of our Creator. Recently, it has been coming to mind. I had just finished working on a project and when I was finished I was really proud of it. I looked at and was really happy with what I had created. And I thought about how protective each of us are with our art. We don't want other people coming in and changing it or painting over it.
I think we all have a piece of the Creator's creative heart and I think the Creator feels the same way about us. He has poured his heart into creating us and He has the same protective nature for us as we have for our art. Yet, I think we forget that. It seems to just mix in with the rest of our day. But we were each made so uniquely and with such care. We should take care of ourselves like artwork, because that's what we are, we are God's artwork. I think the same goes for the earth and animals, they too are God's artwork. We protect our art, why wouldn't we protect God's artwork.

 Look around at God's creative artwork. Protect it.

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September 18, 2013

Live Hope: Eden of Apple Red Happiness

One of my very favorite people is joining us today. Eden, of Apple Red Happiness. Eden is so sweet and I love that I am able to stay connected with her through our blogs. Eden and I are related via the Husband and I think she is absolutely awesome!
Tell us a little bit about you and your blog?
Hey it's me, Eden again. I am a stay at home mom to three adorable little girls, Nora girl, the Cord, and Pip. I love Jesus, laughing, chocolate, my husband, cappuccinos, running, poppies, and of course my girls, in no particular order. We try to live a simple life in the middle of this grand country.  I founded the blog Apple Red Happiness, which is a gathering of tidbits of happiness that are happening in our life. We live far from most of our family so it is one way of sharing and remembering our fun stories from this crazy time in life.
What inspired you to start your blog?
I love taking pictures, and I snap away most every day, all day long. So now my littles are used to mom hovering over them and standing on furniture they aren't allowed to stand on so i can capture life from a neat perspective. I wanted a place to share our photos and the sweet sweet stories that make up our life. ARH is a wonderful creative outlet for me to knit together fun little stories, share God's beauty through my iPhone, (my only camera right now), and hopefully encourage others. The name comes from a song that my mother used to sing to me and now my girls ask for it every night before bed.

Who and what has encouraged you along your journey?
Levi, my best friend, my main man, my love, has been such a fun encouragement. I bounce my ideas and stories off of him, and I ask him to proof-read my posts, because I still write as I think and sometimes that turns into a huge run on sentence that I am not always aware and I don't always know how to change it -- see what I did there? Ha!  Also, my readers encourage me a lot by their comments and replies to my posts.  Sometimes I am stopped at church and told how much someone enjoys reading our stories, and that really means a lot to me.
How has your faith shaped this journey?
My faith is an essential part of who I am and why we do what we do, so naturally I hope that it comes through in my writing. I feel like ARH is a great place to share what God is doing in our life and what I am learning from Him.

What are ways that you live out/ share you faith through your blog?
Well, I write about it, and try to be straightforward, thinking that if someone were to be clicking through blogs and stop and read mine, that they might see a little glimpse of Jesus and know that he died for them too.
What is one of your favorite things about your relationship with Jesus?
Since becoming a mama, He has revealed his grace to me on a whole different level. I can grasp a little bit more of His unfailing love, I know how it feels to have your heart feel so full of happiness as you look at your loved ones, I find confidence in knowing that there is nothing my girls can do to stop me from loving them.  My days get crazy, and I still mess up, a LOT, so I completely relish in this period of grace, being overwhelmed by His, and dousing my girls with mine. And right now, when my days are long, and sleep is precious, I know he is just pouring on buckets of grace to give me endurance and joy.

What encouraging words to you want to share with today's readers about living out their faith.
Everyone has their own ways of living, and we can so easily get caught up in comparing ourselves to everyone else's pinterest boards, or blogs. So if you find that you are pitying yourself, turn off the computer, put away your phone, and try to look for God in your "mundane" life. He really loves it, and He will wow you with His omnipresence.  Also, when you feel prompted, act. Someone once shared with me that in order for Jesus to guide you, you have to be moving.

Favorite Inspirational book or blog?
Joy Prouty of Wildflowers Photography, wife of Donny, and mom of 4 sold a lot of their possessions and their house, in order to simplify. Her instagram feed is breathtaking, and her love for the Lord emanates the words of her blog. Also, another blog I love to get recipes from and inspiration to be outside is Sheena Jibson's The Little Red House. She encourages her readers to explore nature, eat healthy and yummy things, and she takes amazing photos as well!

What is your awesome factor?
Ha! What makes me awesome? Boy, this question stumped me. Not in some false modesty kind of way, but in that I like a lot of things about myself, but what stands out as just awesome? I like my love for laughing, my family, my easy going nature,my dorkiness, all those things. But what I feel is specifically my awesome factor is that I am really good at folding, you know, clothes. I find it cathartic, making neat piles of shirts, pants, underpants, and towels (I LOVE folding towels!!). Whenever I am stressed or frustrated, I crank up some sort of folksy music and fold till there is nothing left to fold. It helps me out and it makes my family's clothes nice too! So, if you need help folding or just hate it, just call me! I like to be paid in coffee and scintillating conversation.
Thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your heart with us! Make sure to stop by Eden's blog and taken in the awesomeness!

{photos via Eden Greer}
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September 17, 2013

Create: Repurposed Leather Can

I'm such a nerd, I'm so easily fascinated with pretty things and well, sometimes my brain pings around with a bunch of different stuff. Look... pretty... PING.... what's that on my schedule... PING... what does that do... PING... do you want to hear a story. Things are just pinging around all over the place up there. This DIY is great for all the pinging brains because this little beauty has so many multiple uses.

Leather meets can to produce the cutest paint brush holder. Or you could put pens and pencils in it, or you could put flowers in it. O'Man! Just let your brain ping around with what could go in there.
Super easy steps. You need a can, any size will do, leather stripes, and a glue gun.
1.) Decide how you want your can to look. 2.) Cut the leather pieces. 3.) Hot glue to the can. 4.) ALL DONE!

This little beauty will make another appearance... sometime...o'goodness.

What's on your create list?
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September 16, 2013

Dodgers! Dodgers! Dodgers! & Gwyneth Paltrow?!

Last week Husband and I went to a Dodgers game. Whoo Hoo! I love baseball games! I root for no particular team, I just love going to baseball games. I mean come on, it's the All-American pass time. Sitting around for 3 hours eating hot dogs and nachos. Watching the game, not watching the game. It's one of my favorite experiences.

This was our first Dodgers game. We went with Husband's work. It was one of those work outing things. We went on Wednesday, so there was a 9/11 tribute which was really beautiful. Don't tell anyone, but I almost cried. If you read last week's post, you learned that that's not very hard for me to do.

A work thingy means getting to hang out with everyone on Husband's team, i.e. the Nickelodeon crew. We had such a blast! So many great people having loads of fun!

And look at that hot dog! The Super Dodger Dog, man, I love baseball games!
Are you wondering about the Gwyneth Paltrow part? You're almost there. But apparently that face I'm making is how I act when I see her. Just kidding, that just how random I am sometimes.

Well, there she is. She was sitting right next the the dug out. Husband spotted her on the big screen when they were getting a shot of the next batter. I'm not going to lie, we were rather fascinated, well, I was rather fascinated by seeing her. I think it's rather interesting to see them act like normal people, because well they are normal people. And then we notice David Arquette was there too.

(p.s. these were taken with our point and shoot, meaning not as great quality.)

Happy Monday!

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September 12, 2013

True Confessions

Has it come to that time in our relationship in which we purge all of our secrets and horrible habits? I think so, I'll go first.

1) I feel like I should probably point out the obvious first. I'm 100% sure you know what this will be. Here it comes... I can't spell, and I'm horrible at grammar. I even added a small disclaimer in my about me section for any new readers, just to give them a heads up. I've never been good at spelling or grammar. I was that kid in elementary school who stayed after school to try to figure it out. It obviously didn't stick. What makes this little thing about me even more hilarious is that my degree is in Public Relations. Which means I spent the majority of my college career writing papers, newspaper articles, magazine articles, press releases, biographical sketches, and putting together media kits, and I was good at it. Except for the grammar part. Copy-editing was offered and I avoided it at all cost. It's wasn't required so I refrained from the self-inflicting failure. I figure there are two types of people. People who are good at it and people are bad at it.
2) I'm a good crier. I'm not one of those people who shed a couple tears and call it good. If I'm going to cry, it's like the flood gates of my tear ducks open. My face turns red and my whole face swells up. Not just my eyes, the whole face; my eyes, my nose, even my lips. And I cry about everything, and by that I mean, that is how I deal with things. If I'm stressed out, I cry. If I'm tired, I cry. If I'm sad, I cry. If I'm anxious, I cry. You get the idea.

3) I love animals. I mean I love animals like crazy. I'm that person who likes all the animal rescues on Facebook, so everyday my Facebook news feed blows up with all the animals that need to be adopted or the latest story about something horrible that happened to an animal. I get really worked up about it and then sometimes I cry. I can't help it, I just love animals. I just want to save all the animals. I'll spare you all the stories I've read about animal cruelty. (Now, I will shamelessy post photos of me and the Zoe pup. Photos taken by my dear friend, Caitlin.)

4) I'm half micronesian, do you know what that is? Micronesia is a small group of islands nearest to Guam and the Philippines. My father is from the island of Chuuk. It's kind of confusing because the name of the island keeps changing. If you're interested in looking it up type in Weno, Chuuk. Anyways, my father moved to the states for college, where he and my mother got married, had two kids, and then shortly after divorced. Now, that's a different story for a different time.
5) I sing about life. When Husband and I got married he noticed that I sing about life all the time. And it's not like I make up these really great melodies. It's basically me singing something like, "We're having chicken for dinner, and I'm the best cook ever." For real, it's the best thing ever. I think you should try it. I just walk around all day singing random things about life. "We're going to the store today, and we're going to buy some groceries. I can't wait to buy some chocolate it will be awesome." Yep, good stuff, right?
All right, folks, now it's you're turn! Tell me some of your secrets, horrible habits, and true confessions! If I think of more crazy random facts, I'll do more of these True Confessions post, because I'm sure there are more.

Ready. Set. Go! 

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September 11, 2013

DIY: Wooden Spool Rack

Are you ready for this super easy DIY? I think we spent $1.50 total on this, because we already had all the other supplies. Scratch that, it was a little more because of the metal brackets holding up the mason jar... but still not very much.

Supplies needed; two dowel rods, a wood board, wood glue, a screw driver, a ruler, a pencil and metal brackets. 

1.) Determine how far apart you want each spool. Measure and mark on the back of the board.

2.) Screw holes in all the marked spots. 3.) Determine the length you want each dowel rod to be. 4.) Cut and sand the dowel rod pieces. 

5.) Glue each dowel rod into the open screw holes, let dry. 6.)Measure where you want the mason jar to be and screw in the metal brackets to secure the mason jar.

Bam! All done! Super easy, super cute, and super organizational friendly. Goodness, how many times can I use the word super? By the way, I had every intention of painting this, however I haven't got around to it. I'll keep you updated if I decide to paint it.

Happy Creating!
What else do you think we could make with a wood board and two dowel rods?

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