August 5, 2013

Life this Weekend: A Little Spontaneity

Husband always makes breakfast on the weekends. It is my favorite, I love when he makes breakfast. His breakfast always taste better then when I make breakfast. Having breakfast made for me by Husband is like getting a special treat. This weekend Husband asked, "do you want an egg sandwich or do you want pancakes?" I promptly replied, "PANCAKES!" I was pretty excited about it.
Our weekend was full of spontaneity. We decided to shake up our routine a little and spent the morning yard saling, and driving through Kenneth Village, where we stopped at a French Bakery Shop. We picked up lots of fun goodies while yard saling, including an old magazine rack for a $1! It now holds our records. Husband got some cheesecake from the bakery and I got some french pastries. We also spent time rearranging our living room. I guess you could say we got a little stir crazy.
Husband finished our standing table this weekend. It is beautiful! I'll be sharing more about it later this week.
And with all the furniture rearranging we moved some pictures around and decided to make some chicken wire frames, more on that next week.

How was you weekend?
Did you shake it up a little?

Thankful Fridays: Rain, Fun Finds, Fabric & Routine 

Husband and I are headed to Cambria this weekend!

Be on the Look out for:
Photography Tips Part III. DIY: Wood Table. Heart to Heart.

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me (especially the yardsaling part!). That cheesecake looks delicious, too, if I might add. :)

    Excited to read your photography tips!

    1. Yard saling is our favorite. We used to yard sale all the time in the Midwest. But it has taken us longer to find the yard saling groove in Burbank.


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