July 29, 2013

Shivers' Family Reunion: Our Week in Review

Husband and I just returned from our week in Iowa at the Shivers' Family Reunion. Five filled days of family, food, and fun. It was my first time in Iowa and it was an absolute delight. We spent a majority of our time on two different family farms. I often wish I could do a better job at putting into words things I experience and feel. I hope the photos I share give you a glimpse into this experience.
Husband and I participated in a scavenger hunt, which took us to downtown Des Moines, where we encountered Zombie Burger and Raygun. Both are unique and really really fun.
One of the first days we were in Iowa we went to the Warren County Fair; took a peek at all the animals and watched (cousin) Travis race.
One of my favorite things of all; skeet shooting. I shot four different kinds of guns, none of which I could name, but it was so cool!
Lots and lots of family time.
Lots and lots of ATV and Treker riding.
Bonfire and s'mores. Silo Climbing. I actually only made it as far as you can see in the picture. Husband, however, went to the top.
The whole Shivers crew.
This was my first Shivers' Family Reunion and I got to meet some new faces.  Husband and I had a great time and really enjoyed being able to see lots of family.

Have you had a family reunion lately?
What were some of your favorite activities?

Husband and I have wrapped up our summer travels.

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Photography Tips Part II. This week's Everyday Inspiration. A Heart to Heart. 

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