June 11, 2013

Taking Time to Unplug

Husband and I are frequent Fresno visitors. We have family there so we make it a point to visit about every other month. Our family there is the closest family we have outside of Joplin. When visiting Fresno it is a perfect opportunity for us to unplug from work and creative projects we have at home. There are times that I want to check emails and business related items, but I'm learning and doing my best to leave those things at home.

Husband is teaching me and helping me to understand that when a majority of my time is spent in creative mode, that taking time to unplug will make the purposeful creative moments better. I'm also learning that the things that I enjoy in my everyday life are the things that inspire and shape my creativity.

This weekend while Husband and I were in Fresno we headed to a "swap meet." This was my first time at anything called a "swap meet." I guess I would compare it to a flea market, but this particular "swap meet," only occurs the second Saturday of each month.

I was a little overwhelmed at first with so many great items and thoughts about what I wanted and how to haggle (Husband usually does the haggling.) However in the end, we came away with some really great finds.
 I really love these wooden crates, the print and the metal encasing. Just delightful.
 I really liked the 'Dr. Pepper' print on the inside of this one.
 I even came away with some vintage fabric, I was a very happy girl.

A couple things I learned from this particular experience especially when shopping on a budget.  Take inventory of everything there and keep in mind which items you really want. If there is an item that you can't live without that might be gone in 10 minutes scoop it up, otherwise keep looking. Once you know which items you want decide what exactly you are willing to pay for the items. I didn't do this and I felt less confident in the haggling process. Last, haggle. I'm not great at this, but everyone I encountered was very kind, I say return the favor.

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