June 19, 2013

Hiking the Verdugo Mountains

Every Saturday Husband and I go hiking, unless we are away. We get up early so we can try to be hiking by 8:30am. I say try, because sometimes we're late. When we first started hiking it was SO hard, no joke. We would hike up the mountain and I would constantly go "ugh," over and over again. We started hiking at the end of last summer or maybe it was the beginning of fall with our friends Sunha and Andres.
Over time after many Saturdays of hiking and doing P90X (working out solid for the past three weeks! whoop!) I no longer hike the mountain going "ugh." Husband and I have become so accustomed to hiking that when we don't I always say we get grumpy.
Recently, two of our other friends, Dennis and Serena, have been joining us on our hike also.
I'm reminded that we live in a desert region whenever we hike because everything begins to get brown and dusty.
Here is Husband... crawling... umm... Here is Husband being fantastic!
That trail is where we come down the mountain.
This section that we are about to go up is the hardest part for me. It is the longest stretch of incline that we go up.
This is a view of Burbank from the mountain.
This is a view of Glendale from the mountain.  On super clear mornings you can see the ocean. It's pretty stickin' fantastic.
Beginning the trek down.
Now, come hiking with us! :)

{P.S. That is usually how I look all week. Husband and I work-out in the evening so in the morning I just throw on work-out cloths. Classy, right?}

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