May 10, 2013

Party Style: Vintage Threads

Sunday, Husband and I were invited to our friend Arut's house for a house warming party. The theme that was discussed was "vintage," but nothing specific, which ended up making the party really fun, because we all came dressed in different outfits from different decades. We had 1950's, 1960's, and 1980's.
Husband and I decided on the 1950's for our attire, so we stopped at Goodwill Saturday morning and picked up this skirt and shirt. Total outfit cost: $10! Whoop! The skirt is currently one of my favorite items in my wardrobe and I kind of want to dress like that all the time now.
I scowered Google and Pinterest for hair inspiration and this was what I managed to create.
Husband looks so good! He told me that I kind of reminded him of a Panam Stewardess.
 Tim and Liz came as out 1960's couple. 
Then came our 1980's couple, Dennis and Serena, decked out in all things 80's... and 90's.
And the couple that joined us in the 1950's - Arut and Pinky! 1950's Shanghai!
The evening included really really good food, croquet, music, and games.
Arut and Pinky made Drunken Doodle. So so good!
We had a wonderful evening! I almost didn't make to the end, it was way past my bed time.

Live dangerously. Take the whole day. - Joe Bradley, Roman Holiday

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