May 7, 2013

Our Weekend in Fresno

One of my favorite things is going to Fresno, if it wasn't a three and a half hour drive we would probably go every other weekend. I enjoy getting away, not having to think about projects that need to be done. And I especially enjoy spending time with family. Last weekend, Husband and I spent the weekend in Fresno; stopping at the antique shops, the Clovis Rodeo Parade, Harley's Birthday, going to the lake, and ending the weekend at the rodeo.

Our first stop was the 4th Street Antique Mall. It was so great! It reminded me of hanging out at the Carthage square, shop hopping.
One can find the best things at antique shops and I love every single one of them. The above photo was one of my favorite finds. It was too big of course to take home. 
Saturday morning I went to my first Clovis Rodeo parade and it was Harley's first parade too! 
The horses were one of my favorite parts of the parade. I'm kind of like a crazy dog and horse lady.
We ended our Saturday at the lake, no camera's allowed on the boat, family rule. ; ) And we ended our weekend at the Rodeo, where no camera's were allowed either, which we thought was odd.

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