May 22, 2013

Life Drawing VI

This week as been a slight whirl wind. Husband and I have been running around like crazy completing project after project, but tomorrow starts our short vacation weekend, and we are so excited.

Before we leave I wanted to share with you something that was super cool for me. On Saturday, I met with my friend Amy, she is actually my previous boss, but she is super cool. We got to catch up and she shared with me some great business advise.

We met at Starbucks that morning and while I was waiting for her to arrive (I got there early), I decided I would attempt some Life Drawing. This was a big deal for me. Life drawing in real life, not just with a model, where the subject moves all the time, and if you're caught, who knows how they will take it.
In the end I was so glad that I did it! It was a lot of fun and encouraging. Just the fact that I can manager to draw their shapes is progress for me! Whoop!

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