May 12, 2013

For All the Countless Hours

Shout out to all moms today! For all their hard work, love, sacrifice, encouragement, and so much more that words cannot express.

Today I want to especially celebrate my Mom. She has been a great Mom; loving me, encouraging me and simply being there for me when I needed her most. Do you ever have those hard moments, when you're really emotional and nothing makes sense, but Mom's always know exactly what to say and how to say it and everything seems to make sense again? My Mom is great at doing that for me. So much so that Husband jokes sometimes and says, "maybe you should call your Mom."

Thank you Mom, for being my mom. For all the great memories, for loving me in my not so lovable moments, and holding my hand when I needed it.
(photo credit Angela J Martin Photography)
Thank you Mom; for the great memories, for moving me across the country, for being fun and goofy, for watching endless hours of Gilmore Girls, and for countlessly encouraging my marriage and life!

I love you Mom!

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