April 24, 2013

Life Drawing V

Today's life drawing was hard. So much so that when I went to the bathroom I took extra time and just stared at myself in the mirror thinking, "okay, I'm going to draw my face sometime... I see it all the time, maybe it will be easier..." And then God's smiled at me. How amazing is God handy work? He has crafted each and every one of us. He created my lines.

The class was fuller today then usual. I get a little more self conscious when there are more people able to glance over my shoulder, even though in all reality they aren't looking at my drawings, they are focusing on the model and looking at their own drawings.

I kept telling myself today, "keep trying, keep trying. It's just lines, just draw the lines. Just draw the shapes." Easier said then done. I will keep trying.

We started with 1's (one minute poses) and then moved on to 5's (five minute poses.)
We did ten 1's. Above is my first page.
This is the beginning of my 5's. Husband helped with the drawing on the right. He drew the face. 
I got pretty discouraged, so I started drawing the stage and basically any other objects lying around. After the class I chatted with Husband and Dennis and shared with them my struggles. I had a hard time getting past the shape of the model. I kept telling them that he just looked boxy. Husband suggested that next time if those are the shapes that I see to just go with it and draw him as boxes.

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