April 17, 2013

Life Drawing IV

Every time I go to life drawing class it gets a little easier and I start to feel more comfortable. When I first started going I felt like a poser and I did my best to cover each drawing with my hand so that no one could see it. The class takes place at Husband's work, so the majority of those attending are "seasoned" artists. Some of them may not agree with that term, "seasoned," because so many of them are humble in their craft and discussions I have had with them usually involve their own ideas for personal improvement.

Before class started I decided I would warm up, which for me means drawing circles on a page. However, I didn't want to waste paper so I decided I would just do the motion with my arm. It then turned into me walking around Husband's office, telling everyone I was "churning the butter." I love that term now and I will hopefully being asking everyone if they have, "churned the butter."

We started with 2's (two minute poses) and ended with 5's (five minute poses.)
I felt pretty good about my 2's, but started to struggle with my 5's. There was a point during the class that I felt tired and unmotivated, but I did my best the push through.
I was pretty excited with my drawings from today. It is always exciting to look back from the beginning and see the improvements I've made.

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