April 29, 2013

Etsy Shop Grand Opening & Giveaway!

*This giveaway is now closed.*
Today is the Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop! And I couldn't be more excited!
I want to say thank you to Husband; he has supported me and helped me in so many ways. He pushes me to think about things differently and more in depth. He has rallied behind me anytime I have wanted to give up. Thank you Husband for being so great!

In Honor of today's opening I am doing a giveaway! Whoop! Whoop! I'm so excited about this giveaway!
A limited Edition Japanese Fabric Zip Pouch. Pouch measures 8in x 5in. 100% cotton with full lining with a 7.5in zipper closure.

Just think about all the great things you could put in this super cute zip pouch! Make-up, sun glasses, chapstick, pens, pencils... the list goes on and on.
 (Look at how cute that is. : ) Items not included in giveaway)
Now for the details on how to enter. It's super easy.

Step 1: Head over to my Facebook page and become a fan! That way you'll be kept up to date on our other giveaways. ; ) If you are already a fan, you're one step ahead.

Step 2: Come back here and comment below letting me know you're a fan and share in your excitment.

That's all, easy peasy!

For extra chances to win, share this post on Facebook and include an "I shared" comment below as well.

Ready! Set! Go!

{The giveaway winner will be announced a week from today.}


  1. I am a fan and I am going to share to prove it!

  2. This is Alyssa!!!! We all know I'm a fan and particularly of that bag!!! Please let me win it!

  3. I almost forgot to comment back here that I am a fan! But, I'm pretty sure you already know that! :) -Love, Cindy


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