April 9, 2013

Our Dancing With the Stars Date Night

Husband and I have been trying to establish a weekly date night. We had every intention of starting a weekly date night our very first week of married life; we all have those grand ideas of how we imagine it to go. We had discussed it before getting married and thought it was a good idea, but alas, life got away from us. I'm not saying we never went on dates or did special things for each other; however it wasn't on a weekly basis. Looking back on it, it is easy to think of most nights as date nights, because we had spent nearly have of our relationship long distance. None the less, we are working on making it a routine.

Last night, Husband and I got to go on a very special date night. Husband took me to Dancing With the Stars! When Husband and I discussed living in California, I asked him if he could make that happen one day. I think it probably came out like this though, "So I get to go to Dancing With the Stars!" I was super excited when I found out that DWTS was a possibility. Let me tell you the short story of how it worked out.

Husband gave a tour of his Studio to one of our friends, Monique. She had posted pictures of her and her daughters at the Studio on Facebook and her friend Beverley saw her photos. Beverley was curious if Husband would be willing to do a Studio Swap. A tour at Husband's Studio for tickets to DWTS. Beverley is a singer on DWTS. So there you have it! God is so good!
We planned to leave the house by 1:30pm. We were supposed to be at our designated gate by 3:15pm and seated by 4:20pm. The show would be shot from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. We left so early because we weren't sure how traffic would go, but the timing worked out. We got there with plenty of time to spare. We did a little walking before getting in line, mostly because we were trying to figure out where to go and then we stood in line for a while. By the time we were headed inside, I could barely walk. My feet were killing me. The paperwork stated that no cells or cameras would be allowed in the studio so we took a before photo at home. They were serious about the no phone policy; they confiscated our phone before we entered and we picked it up when we left.
(Husband and I before the show)
The show was a blast! It's basically exactly what you see at home, except that it was live of course and we got to see the dance floor get set up during commercial breaks for each individual dance. We also clapped and yelled A LOT. My favorite part of the show was the dancing, but that is why I have always liked it, I love dancing. I part of me wishes I could be a dancer, maybe I'll work on that one day. :) Once the show ended, we were dismissed and retrieved our phone. I probably could have managed to walk to the car; however, I started to get a blister on the back of my heel. I was impressed that I only got one blister; I was pretty excited about it. Because of my blister Husband carried me to the car. He's the BEST! He even carried me up four flights of stars.
 (Husband and I after the show)
We were pretty exhausted by the end, so we picked up a pizza and ended our evening with a movie.


  1. You guys look so glamorous!!! You should have been ON the show!! We flipped back and forth from The Voice and it looks like you had a great show!! Looked for you in the audience!!!

  2. Thanks Diana! :) We had a lot of fun!


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