April 22, 2011

Friday Favorite: In this Moment

So I wanted to do something “real” for this post. Not that I’m not real, but I was thinking about this weekend and what is means. What it means to me, what it may mean to others. So here I am, trying to hammer out all my thoughts. I wanted to share something real and transparent; not something that is religious or commercialized. I didn’t want to try to “make sure I got it all right,” or get in the way of what God is trying to do. Sometimes that’s probably my biggest struggle, getting in the way.

So I thought the only way to do this is to tell my story; tell you how God has worked in my life, share with you about my relationship with Jesus, tell you about how I suck it up all the time, share with you my failures, my struggles. Tell you HOW I usually get in the way.

So first things first, I’m undeserving, I’ve done nothing for the gift I’ve been given.
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out life and I’ve struggled through lots of issues, and the only person who has gotten me through those issues was Jesus. He picked me up when I had dug myself into a ditch, he is there when I say stupid things, he is there when I hurt people I love, and he is there when I hurt myself. He is always with me, he gets me through everyday. 

My life wouldn’t be the same without the relationship I have with Jesus or the relationships that he has brought into my life. He is my forever safe place, because of him I was able to let go of everything I was trying to control and just live, allowing him to guide my path.

Everything I have and am doing is because God has brought me here, he has opened the doors and took my hand to walk me through them, because believe me I needed my hand held, really I did.

I am who I am because of everything Jesus has done, which I guess brings me full circle. Jesus did die for me and now he lives in me and for me that’s what this weekend is about. Christs death and resurrection.

So to finish up this post I wanted to share some of my favorite scriptures and quotes.


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